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Abyss robes are handmade in Portugal. Unlike mass produced clothing where a sleeve is made by one person, and a collar made by another etc., each Abyss robe is individually hand sewn by one artisan. This ensures perfection in all details, because of the pride of craftsmanship.


All Abyss robes are made with 100% Giza Long Staple Egyptian Cotton. Using this finest of cottons ensures that the robes are soft and supple, yet are much greater in strength so they will last much longer.


Abyss robes are made in weights from a light and airy 300 gram M², to a cozy 500 gram M², all the way up to a luscious 700 gram M².


All Abyss robes are pre-shrunk, and most are “piece-dyed” after they are sewn so that all parts are perfectly matched in colour.


Wash & Dry at medium temperatures. Never dry hot. Do not over dry. Do not bleach or use any detergent containing bleach. Beware of facial creams or ointments. These can bleach out colour. Avoid softeners – they glue the fibers.

If pulls or snags should occur, simply snip them off. This will not affect the robe. Always wash robes by themselves, or with your Abyss towels. Do not launder with jeans, bras, or any other items that may snag. Wash whites and colours separately.